Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sonya Phillips Attending the Hampton Roads Gazeti (HRG) Exemplar Awards

Our Ms. USA Culture Galaxy 2019 Sonya Z. Phillips attended the Hampton Roads Gazeti (HRG) Exemplar Awards which was held in Virginia, USA.

Her activities as a beauty queen are exemplary, one of which is the recently concluded HRG Exemplar Awards. She said, "I had a great time actually 'serving' at the reception of the Hampton Roads Gazeti (HRG) Exemplar Awards. Congrats to all of the Honorees!!! These 50 volunteers serve in various organizations, pick up a new issue of the HRG to learn more about  them, where and why they do the most good."

She added, "As a member of the HRG Board of Directors, I would like to personally thank Ms. Loretta, the other board members and volunteers, but I especially thank each and every person that purchased a ticket or sponsored items to help make this event a success!!!"

Sponsorship opportunities and advertisements in the HRG are available all year long!!! Contact Sonya or email to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, ad sales, HRG Precious Gems Membership or upcoming community events.

(Photo Courtesy: Sonya Z. Phillips / American Nation Pageants / Hampton Roads Gazeti)

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